Jaralii Chronicles: A LitRPG Series

When you read Joanne Reid’s Jaralii Chronicles, you quickly discover what a LitRPG series is like. The literary role-playing game genre is a fascinating combination of elements. Each component of such a story works together to create a fantasy world unlike any other. You can expect game-like action, characters, and rewards in this new literary genre.

What Is a LitRPG Series?

A LitRPG series is a sequence of books built around the concept of a role-playing game. The RPG aspect of Jaralii Chronicles makes them a unique treat, especially for anyone who enjoys computer RPGs. Like the role-playing games you might play on your computer, the literary version has characters engaged in a quest or battle. Meanwhile, they must keep up their strength and avoid damage as they progress through the skill levels.

3 books, gilraen trilogy: a litrpg series

Transported to a Fantasy World

In one of the conventions of a LitRPG series, characters move into an alternate fantasy world. LitRPG occurs mainly in a fantasy world with supernatural powers and alien beings. However, it can also happen in a science fiction setting with advanced technology.
The game takes place in the story’s world, and the main character finds themselves swept into the action. This happens abruptly at the beginning of Jaralii Chronicles. The main character has been playing high-stakes computer role-playing games. A somewhat mysterious person has asked him and his team to play in a match for an extremely high reward.

The gamer felt ready for this challenging game. Yet, he did not expect the stranger to instantaneously take him from his home to a fantasy game world. In the new place, he hits the ground and falls into a deep, muddy ditch. Immediately, he discovers that his new gaming identity is a female elf, soon to bear the name Lady Gilraën. Right away, the LitRPG series proves its suitability for the genre.

Leveling Up

Reaching the next level plays a significant part in a LitRPG series, just as in role-playing games. Lady Gilraën begins as a novice in all the skills taught in the Kingdom of Umbeqjaralii. She practices in classes that include archery, wrestling, and magic. Over time, the lady elf reaches such high skill levels that she outperforms all others in her classes.

In most classes, the female elf quickly rises to the top of the field. However, she does face at least two difficult challenges. To achieve skills in wrestling, she must wrestle a man much larger and stronger than herself. After several defeats, Lady Gilraën gains enough skill to surprise the teacher and win the match. The second course that gave the lady a hard time was learning magic.

litrpg jaralii chronicles book

Learning Magic

Learning to use magic contributes to the challenge of computer role-playing games. Similarly, magic exists in the story’s world whenever a LitRPG series has a combination of gaming and fantasy. The same holds for Jaralii Chronicles. While training to be a champion, the elf must learn to use magic.

At first, magic does not come easy for Lady Gilraën. Her teacher, Talbot, shows immense patience as the elf slowly masters the magic skills. Gradually, the main character of the series learns how to race from one place to another. Also, she practices reading the minds of others and blocking their attempts to get inside her head. Later, Lady Gilraën communicates with many guild leaders using a magical mirror.

fantasy elf woman practicing magic in forest in litrpg series
weapons in a field inspired by litrpg series of novels
litrpg jaralii chronicles book

Weapons and Warriors

In any LitRPG series, you find various weapons that must be found, given, or mastered. In Jaralii Chronicles, Lady Gilraën receives weapons with magical properties and a mysterious history. They included magical arrows and knives, all of which would return to the elf after she shot or threw them. In addition, she receives a bow and quiver.

The bow, quiver, knives, and arrows were also heirlooms left behind when Prince William’s first wife died. They had belonged to the Princess, who had died years before the start of the story.
In this LitRPG series, many people and even animals get training for battle. The Zhaks, which are equine creatures, receive training so that they pull chariots into war.

The lady elf, the central game player, comes up with the idea of using the Zhaks in battle and devises a way to train them. This plot device seems familiar to RPG fans because the games nearly always involve thinking creatively to solve problems.

What’s the Quest in This LitRPG Series?

At first, the end game of this LitRPG series may not seem apparent. The man who agreed to take on the game for fame and fortune now lives deep in the game. His external quest may appear to be money and rank. However, within the story, the lady elf has other goals to reach.
At one point, she works toward the goal of increasing his skills. Later, her work intensifies. At that time, she prepares herself and the warriors to win battles. Losing the battles could mean the kingdom’s end and, ultimately, a takeover of the fantasy world.

litrpg jaralii chronicles book

Building through the LitRPG Series

The first book, mainly about training, offers interest and intrigue. Yet, much of the story involves catching the reader up on background details. It also includes building relationships, or at least the beginnings of them.
However, as the second book begins, the author ramps up the action. The players wage the final battle in the third installment, and the war concludes. Each book in this LitRPG series builds to an exciting climax. The three books in the Jaralii Chronicles series appeal to many gamers. After all, these books give them the kind of experience they hope to have when playing RPG games.