eXperience an Epic Trilogy

“A Fun Ride through an Alternate Universe”

R.J.Conley – Verified Amazon Review


Chuzpah – Verified Amazon Review

“What A Ride”

“Packed with interesting characters, adventure, drama, and intrigue – this series has it all. And the thing I especially like about the box set is that when I was pulled into the world so masterfully built by the author, I was able to stay there! Loved the story arc and will be waiting for more from the Jaralii Chronicles universe….”

Jonathan M. – Verified Amazon Review

“Unusual and Riveting”

“This box set is like nothing you’ve seen before! The story is unusual containing a mix of elements, including game-lit, fantasy, adventure, and epic world building. If you’re into any or all of these genres, you will enjoy this box set. I will remember this series for a while to come!”

C. Douglas- Verified Amazon Review

An Award-Winning TRILOGY

Outstanding Creator Award for Romance
1st Place
“Gilraen and the Prophecy”

Best World Building
1st Place
“Gilraen and the Prophecy”

Best Couple
1st Place
Gilraen Gulámae & Prince William from “Gilraen and the Prophecy”

Best Fiction Series
2nd Place
“Gilraen and the Prophecy”

Want More?!

The Jaralii Chronicles saga continues with four more epic tales, Gilraën and the Doom of the Adjudicars.


Tony Richardson becomes Gilraën Gulámae.

She learns the magical arts & martial skills, befriends Justice the Krell, defends a village from Lord Beckworth’s attack, and saves Prince William from the Norton, the spy and evil Master Sorcerer. 

“A High One among High Ones
 shall come from Beyond.
She shall wear an old face
of the Verdant Hills”

Gilraën explores the Dwarf Mountains, befriends a Gaunt who saves her from the Adjudicars, becomes a Dwarf diplomat and Regent of a Dwarf Clan.

Gilraën discovers Lord Beckworth’s secrets and saves the Dwarfs from the Adjudicars’ invasion.

“She shall befriend the Mighty
and the Weak.
She shall unite the High, the Deep,
the Many, the Few”

Gilraën and William fall in love.

Gilraën unites the Elves, Dwarfs, Orcs, Krells, Trolls, and Octopods against Lord Beckworth and the Adjudicars.

Victory is Gilraën’s Doom. Tony Richardson must return to Earth or Gilraën will die!

“The Usurper shall fall before her;
all will rejoice.
Unite and be Free.”

THE MAP OF jaralii

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