Gilraën Returns

Gilraën and the doom of the Adjudicars

The Seeress transforms Tony Richardson into the warrior-mage Gilraën Gulámae, transporting her to Jaralii to defeat the rebellious Lord Beckworth and his allies, the evil Adjudicars. Gilraën unites Elves, Dwarves, and Orcs with Prince William and King Richard. In the great battle of Shalal’m Caer, the allies defeat the Adjudicars, but King Richard is killed, and Prince William becomes the king.

William and Gilraën mourn the loss of King Richard. However, they are in love. With the end of the war and the death of Lord Beckworth, they can fulfill their plans for a long life together. But the sweet taste of victory turns to ashes in their mouths. By defeating Lord Beckworth, Gilraën fulfills the Prophecy of Camazhule. She satisfies the magical contract that bought her to Jaralii and now she must to return to Earth, renewing her old life as Tony Richardson.

As Gilraën prepares to leave Jaralii and her one true love, never to return, the Seeress presses a talisman into her hand, telling her, “If you must return, then open this box and break the talisman.”

Has the great coalition of Men and Elves, Dwarves and Orcs fulfilled its destiny? Have they defeated the Adjudicars of Narwortland and Farrowspike? Have the Elves of Jaralii Wood forgotten Gilraën, taking on a new monarch and a new destiny? Has William forgotten her and found a new love? Can Gilraën resume her life or has she been forgotten, destined to fade into history?

The saga continues! Gilraën Returns!

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Gilraen Returns (eBook)
ISBN: 978-1-7344680-8-3
I Came (Paperback)
Length: 398 pages
Author: Joanne Reid