Gilraën REGnAnT

Gilraën and the doom of the Adjudicars

Farrowspike stands defiant. Fresh from victory in Narwortland, King William and Queen Gilraën lead their armies against the last remaining bastion of the Adjudicars on Jaralii.

Opposing them is an unlikely alliance of Elves, Humans and Dwarves. Cardinal Valciago fears William’s growing power and is determined to destroy him, restoring the reign of the Adjudicars over Jaralii. Queen Amarië Ancalimë is jealous of Gilraën’s ascendency among the Elvin Tribes and is resolved to destroy her as an abomination. Jharlmor Azzele detests Gilraën for usurping his authority over the Dwarves of Jaralii and is committed to destroying Gilraën and resuming his ascendency.

Will Gilraën, William and the Kingdom of Jaralii survive or are the forces arrayed against them too great?

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Gilraën Regnant (eBook)
ISBN: 978-1-7364595-4-6
ASIN: B09B18933P
Length: 382 pages
Author: Joanne Reid

cover Jaralii Chronicles - Gilraen Regnant