Gilraën AND THE Two cities

Gilraën and the doom of the Adjudicars

Gilraën escapes from Narwortland to take up the defense of Armjurst Duchy. Machister’s armies, each led by a powerful Adjudicar, attack the border fortresses. If any succeed, the entire shell defense will collapse and Machister’s armies will besiege Armjurstton. The Adjudicars will overwhelm the defenders, and their armies will breach the walls. William’s armies will not arrive, and Narwortland will have won.

Even if William’s armies arrive in time, can he break the siege, defeat Narwortland’s armies, and attack Narwortlia? What novel defenses has Machister created to defend his fortress? Can William and his allies overcome them?  Can Gilraën and Jaralii Wood prevail against the might of Machister and his Adjudicars?

The thrilling saga of Jaralii Chronicles continues in Gilraën and the Two Cities.

$2.99 (Ebook)

Gilraen and the Guilds (eBook)
ISBN: 978-1-7364595-0-8
Length: 427 pages
Author: Joanne Reid