A Strong Series Ending

“It is rare for an other-world fantasy series to provide consistently good description, narrative, and well-crafted female characters. Gilraën stands tall and drives a strong series ending!” 

5-Star Google Reviewer – N. Scharber

"Too Good"

“Too Good to End! More! More!”

5-Star Google Review – N. Scharber

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Gilraën Gulámae, Queen of the Elves of Jaralii Wood, was ripped from the arms of her lover, King William, and forced to return to Earth, resuming her previous life as the middle-aged human, Tony Richardson. However, as she was leaving, the Seeress pressed a talisman into her hand, telling her, “If you must return, then open this box and break the talisman.”

The Supreme Guild of Narwortland raids Armjurstton in the East. The Holy Order of Farrowspike attacks in the West. Assailed from both sides, the Council of Jaralii prepares for war.

But who is the enemy? How large are their armies? What is their strategy. What are their battle plans? Have the Adjudicars returned?

Gilraën escapes from Narwortland to take up the defense of Armjurst Duchy. Machister’s armies, each led by a powerful Adjudicar, attack the border fortresses. If any succeed, the entire shell defense will collapse and Machister’s armies will besiege Armjurstton. The Adjudicars will overwhelm the defenders, and their armies will breach the walls. William’s armies will not arrive, and Narwortland will have won.

Farrowspike stands defiant. Fresh from victory in Narwortland, King William and Queen Gilraen lead their armies against the last remaining bastion of the Adjudicars on Jaralii.

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